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Hi guys!

VL Dimensions Sdn Bhd ; VL KIDS is founded by our Chairlady Valerie Chan in Year 2014. 

Through her vast experience in the commercial furniture industry, Valerie C. has challenge herself and develop the niche market focusing specifically in the Children Ergonomic Furniture. A range of products which is able to provide long term usage along with health benefits to growing children to their adulthood. 

There is one thing that Valerie C. emphasize to her team; "We do not only sell, but we also care for the overall well-being of our customers buying experience with us. At VL KIDS, we are always like a family and we care for their children like how we care for ours.

Valerie C.

Our Story
VL Dimensions Sdn Bhd is established in 2014 with high commitment and enthusiasm to provide ergonomic children study desktops and chair with high quality, safety and durability. Most importantly the ability to grow together with the child. With eight years in the furniture industry, it has allowed the founder to have a better insight and valuable experience in the various aspects of designing, marketing and manufacturing. Understanding "Ergonomics" is one area so important as this is used correctly in the design will help in the early years of growing children. Proper ergonomics designs is necessary to prevent repetitive strain injuries and other masculosketal disorder which can develop over time and may lead to long term disability. VL Kids Dimensions believes that good and better posture and enhanced comfort would lead to more effective and concentrated learning. So it is about optimizing human well-being and overall performance which saw the introduction of this new range of ergonomics study furniture.
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Our Vision & Mission

We trust that with the continious research and development of new designs for ergonomic furniture we will be able to provide ourcustomers with good quality, durable and affordable products.

Simultaneously, we continue to reach out to more parents to educate them on importance and benefits of using ergonomic furniture.

We aim to provide every household with the best ergonomic solution, achieving a better life for ourselves and the children of the future.

Our Policy

The management is committed to the following:

  • High quality defect free products to customers within the specified time frame
  • Continuous improvement in our Quality Managing System & Customer On- Site Technical Services
  • Quality control and inspection is completed before delivery of goods
  • Feedback from our customers are highly looked into and evaluated to help in our ongoing improvements
  • Ensuring that customers needs and expectations are meet and fulfilled in order to have 100% customer satisfaction rates
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority ; Service with a smile!
What Do We Exactly Do?

ERGONOMIC is researched according to people psychological, physiological and physical structure The relationship between human and environment. It tries to fix problems to make people happier, healthier and higher level of efficiency at work or study's


It is a science focused on the study of human fit and it helps to decrease fatique and discomfort through product design. Ergonomics applied to children furniture design requires that we take into consideration how the products designed to fit the people that are using them. Whether it is at school or at home, when the right product is used, the result level on a higher focus level and productivity will be achieved. Common problems such as lack of focus, poor posture which leads to a child's posture development and eye sight problem will be prevented from happening

Our Quality
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Our Reports
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